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Shannon Fisher

I'm a writer & a content strategist

At I write about vulnerability, courage and mental health. At I have the entire web on a spreadsheet.

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2014 08 13 nevillelove thumb article
The Huffington Post Canada

Suicide Isn't A Product Of Not Trying | Shannon Fisher

Please don't assume that suicidal people aren't getting help. We are getting all the help. We have years and years of getting all the kinds of all the help.

Open uri20140729 29277 tbdun article

I'm Estranged From My Mother -- But I'm OK With It | xoJane

The great thing about family is that even when things get really shitty you stick together. But that’s also the dangerous thing about family. Sticking together is the expectation and can be the opposite of what you need to be okay. To feel safe. To respect yourself. To stop eating and breathing guilt and shame and hurt and loneliness.

Kidsandinternet article

Kids and the Internet: The Importance of Learning Together

For today's kids, social media is the modern day equivalent of the malls and parks we spent time in while growing up. If we don’t hang out there with them and teach them how to be safe and kind while they’re little, we lose permission to have input by the time they’re teens who think their know-nothing parents are the bane of their existence.

Learncode article

Become a Better Designer, Content Creator & Entrepreneur. Learn Code.

We live in a software-dominated world and HTML has become a key language for success. You don’t need to be a coding genius, but knowing enough to inform your own work and set you apart could put a wiggle in your wobble (and that’s a good thing!).

Open uri20140424 24093 hpqege article

Finding Your Ideal Client: Why and How? Game Changers for Freelance Success

When you define your ideal client, your marketing strategy will target a specific group of people who need what you offer.

Courage in vulnerability article

Courage in Vulnerability

We need to start talking about mental health casually and without grimace, and teach others to do the same.

Open uri20140409 5273 24cqx3 article

Make 2014 the Year to Grow Your Blog's Readership

Whether you’re keeping a personal blog or a business blog, there’s nothing like the thrill of monitoring your analytics as your numbers grow.

Postachio article

Decide to be Productive or Fuzzy Slippers Unite! | QuoteRobot Blog

My secret to deciding is to not let myself become paralyzed by choice. And to move. Move my body, move my fingers, move my pen, move my deliverables. Even if they're not perfect: move!

Humanspeak article

Freelancers: Rid Yourself of Marketing Speak and Write Like a Human

When we become business people, we seem to lose our ability to talk like human beings.

Paidforblogging article

Yes, You Can Get Paid For Writing

You want to get paid gigs? Then take yourself seriously! Know what you’re worth and get paid what you’re worth.

Open uri20140404 12029 1mvj6zk article
The Huffington Post Canada

The Asshole Dynamic: Judge Much?

Four years ago I made a contemptuous comment on Twitter about a dude in a speedo. It was hi-lar-ious. I envisioned thousands of favourites and retweets and "OMG YES!" replies. And all the speedo-wearing die-hards would obviously read my tweet and be converted to the side of something more sensible...

The ladies article

hey dove, I cried, but that doesn’t mean you nailed it

I cried when I saw the Dove commercial because I thought, “Maybe I AM pretty! Maybe I really have missed it all these years.” And you know why thinking that made me cry? Because every message I get from the world tells me that being pretty is The Most Important Thing I will ever do.

Open uri20140404 16413 qbulgu article

FYI: (if you're a teenage girl being slut-shamed by Mrs. Hall)

The media has great interest in making sure we all buy into the beauty myth. It keeps us believing that we are not and never will be enough.

Open uri20140414 5832 1iayqg article

on the side of the highway with a bleeding pig

My mom once flagged down a semi-driver to barricade a highway while she scraped a wounded bird off the road.

Open uri20140404 24309 16bq9ok article

Hey Lizard Brain, It’s Not Writer’s Block

5 Ways To Get Writing